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Turning Interest Into Action

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Duck River Dental Outreach exists to create a healthier community by providing comprehensive oral health care to the underserved and working poor population in our area.  DRDO prospective patients are those individuals who do not have, and do not have access to, dental insurance.


Oral health care in Tennessee is among the worst in the nation (Tennessee ranks 38th) and we do not have a safety net program for individuals who can’t afford private dental insurance.  DRDO works to provide affordable oral healthcare to alleviate the pain, the embarrassment, and health risks caused by untreated oral decay and disease.  DRDO is the only provider of income based oral healthcare and education in southern middle Tennessee.


Treatment provided by Duck River Dental Outreach is not a free service.  However, all treatment will be provided at a reduced rate based on the number of individuals in the patient’s household and their combined annual income.  Depending on where the annual household income falls on the DRDO Income Sliding Scale, some patients will pay as little as 10% but no patient will ever pay more than 50% of traditional costs.

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