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Faith Communities

We LOVE our Faith Community Partners! They provide financial support, volunteers, and advocacy for the clinic.


From the beginning of Duck River Dental Outreach, it has been our belief that healing our community will require the entire faith community. We believe life is sacred, therefore health is sacred. If every faith community becomes

a partner of ours, together we can ensure that every southern Middle Tennessean in need will have access to compassionate and comprehensive quality dental care, oral disease prevention services, and oral health education.

What does it mean to be a faith community partner of Duck River Dental Outreach?




  • Support and promote our mission by referring patients, spreading the word about our special events, and telling others of the important care we provide in the community.

  • Encourage members to volunteer—dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and special event and administrative volunteers.




  • Provide financial support.  Invest in patient care improving a person's physical, social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.  Faith communities contribute monthly, yearly, or designate a special offering.




  • Write an article about our work in your newsletter.

  • Place us on your website as a mission you support.

  • Invite us to speak in your congregation.


How can you help?


Ask your faith community if they have an outreach/mission budget and see if Duck River Dental Outreach is on their giving list. Invite us to your Sunday school class or small group.

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